Complete security services since 2002

JVP GROUP is a company which operates in some 60 locations around Finland, offering tailored, high-quality security solutions for individuals, companies and the public sector. JVP GROUP provides solutions with the right level of security to protect the safety and smooth operation of any kind of event, location or business.

JVP GROUP provides a full range of security services aimed at protecting homes, workplaces and people. The main service offerings are guarding, event security and safety technology solutions. From private parties to reception services, from securing a great evening out at a restaurant to ensuring safety and security at a large event, we can offer tailored services according to individual customer's needs.

We provide high-quality service and trained security officers to keep your customers, employees or premises safe and secured. Our safety technology solutions also provide you with alarm and monitoring solutions for different kinds of purposes. Our experts sell, install and maintain security systems to protect your home or business, at a reasonable cost.

Contact Information

JVP Group Customer Service
+358 10 327 8600 (24/7)

Head Office
Kuninkaankatu 22 A, 33210 TAMPERE, FINLAND
JVP Group Customer Service: +358 10 327 8600 (24/7)

Safety Technology Solutions
Mr. Jussi Kaarisalo
+358 40 705 9383

Mr. Aki Ahola
+358 50 558 2256